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Sports Massage Glasgow

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Sports Therapist John Rennie

I first gained my experience in Sports Massage when I studied Sports Therapy at Glasgow College of Nautical studies. Since completing my qualification, I have progressed to L3 Sports Massage and taken the time to advance my knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology to give my clients the best from their treatments. I use various massage techniques and will always be guided by your preference. I can apply light of firm pressure. A full detailed description of the techniques I think will be beneficial to you will always be discussed prior to treatment.

Sports Massage Therapy provides clients with relief from muscular aches and pains. The massage is always   specific to your personal needs and wants. Various techniques are applied to reduce discomfort, provide relaxation and promote general health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Sports Massage include;

  • ·         Improved circulation
  • ·         Release of muscle tensions
  • ·         Improved Joint mobility
  • ·         Treatment of Postural imbalances

Sports Massage can also increase flexibility by carrying out various stretching techniques to lengthen tightened muscles and exercises will be prescribes to strengthen any weaknesses that may be causing postural deviations.

I cover various styles of Sports Massage including; Pre and Post competition Massage, General Maintenance and sessions specific to stretching and helping with flexibility.

A full clinical assessment is always carried out before treatment, this will include a lifestyle questionnaire, various movements to help work out what specific muscle group or structure may be causing your ailment and a discussion about what you want from the treatment and how I can help. All assessments and treatments are tracked and kept confidential. A referral may be required depending on the results.


To arrange your appointment at the G1PT Sports massage clinic please contact us on 07818568153 or email

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60min Sports Massage £45

90min Sports Massage £67