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Sara Jane from Inverness

Digital Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching 


"I started with Gareth as a weekly 1-2-1 client as I had been having issues with my joints during sports and wanted to build strength to help stabilise them. Within a few weeks I saw great progress and had increased both my strength and fitness. With such great results I decided I to increase my functional training and joined the Group PT sessions which I attended 2-3 times a week. I loved these classes and became the strongest I have ever been. 


Unfortunately the world had other plans and put us all into the strangest situation I have ever seen - lock down. The gym was forced to shut. This filled me with anxiety - what would I do if I couldn’t train? Almost over night Gareth came up with a plan and sent me my first 4-week online training schedule with workouts specific to my goals.


Gareth used his online digital software to built my tailored 4-week fitness and nutrition plan around the equipment I already had at home and gave clear instructions for each work via the G1PT online coaching app  - including a video for each movement. Gareth offered detailed nutrition advice for my body-type and was always on hand to answer any wee questions I had about training. He phoned me every week to ensure I was getting on okay, which really helped maintain the accountability factor that could have easily been lost in such uncertain times.


Whether at the G1 Personal Training Gym Glasgow or back home in Inverness – all G1PT  workouts push you to meet your goals in a challenging yet supportive way."

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