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HIIT Functional Bootcamp 

Group Fitness Program

Boxing Fitness Classes



HIIT Bootcamp Training

The traditional Bootcamp has always been a successful way of conditioning the body and is used throughout our program. Our sessions will include different workouts using body weight exercises, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX trainers and different training systems. By doing different workouts each time you will keep your muscles guessing to bring amazing results each and every week. 

Boxing Training

As Glasgow’s #1 leading experts in fitness Boxing Training, G1 Personal Training offer small group boxing fitness classes in the Glasgow area. Boxing classes will suit beginners to advance novice boxer, the benefits include - weight loss, body transformation, stress relief and improving overall fitness. So if your goal is to learn how to box, burn body fat, lose that weight and tone those muscles this is the class for you.

Online Coaching

We don't just train you at the gym we also train you away from the gym using our online training system! This will allow you to track your progress with fitness testing, nutrition food diary and workouts when you cant make your gym session. Powered by our very own G1 Personal Training App you will be able to share your results with your trainer at the G1 Personal Training Gym






HIIT Bootcamp             19:00-19:45 (Starts March)

Boxing Fitness              19:00-20:00


Boxing                          20:00-21:00


Boxing                          10:00-11:00 

HIIT Bootcamp             19:00-19:45 (Starts March)

Boxing                          19:00-20:00


Boxing                           20:00-21:00



HIIT Bootcamp              09:00-09:45 (Starts March)         

Boxing                           09:00-10:30